Descent of River Sella.

Sport Tourism. In full nature.

Montañas del Norte. Enjoy with us!.

In Montañas del Norte we offer you closer view of Eastern Asturias both in its natural and etnografic dimensions. We are a profesional team and you will take no risk if you join us on our organised sightseeing excursiones.

Our natural environment gives a huge variety of alternatives to practice sports and we make it easier for you. We provide you with all the means you will need not to miss any detail and to reach the most unusual places you have ever imagined.

We also offer, guiding servides, transport, dressing rooms, showers, picnic and Civil Reponsability and  Accident Insurances.


Montañas del Norte is a company authorised by The Council of the Principado de Asturias, which enables us to carry out all the activities described in this “post”.

River Sella Descent.

Try doing the same route as the Sella International Descent. At the departure, the instructor will previously show you how to operate the boat, he will also give you some clues to identify the landscape and some services.

The trip finishes 15 kilometros down the river, in our pier. The descent of River Sella, takes four hours on average. , including breaks for lunch and a rest.

The canoes are safe and easy to use. They have room for one person (K-1), for two people (K-2), and for two adults and one a child (K-2).